What We Do.......

Vlogs - Corporate video presentations - Crowdfunding Videos - Product Promo Videos - Music Videos - Event coverage - Property presentations - Yacht Charter / Sales presentations - Tourist Excursion Promos


Additional Information

These days, it's all about the clicks, the more you attract people to your website, the better the rating of your services or products. 

Professional video presentations are a key factor in all aspects. Have you ever seen a video presentation on YouTube etc. with bad sound, out of focus scenes, shaky unstable or overexposed footage? We see it all the time, and we move on to something else!

For pricing less than you may think, we will provide a 100% professional service to suit your requirements.


The Team

In house & freelance

We work with a team of in house & freelance scriptwriters, directors, camera operators, light technicians, sound recordists, editors & producers, who can be assembled to meet the requirements of your project. Alternatively,  we can also provide a smaller tailor made service to suit your budget.

Filmed by Film Balear & Janus

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